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freelance photography and web development

Aldo Cauchi Savona is a freelance photographer, a programmer and website developer. My passion lies in the capture and the creation of images that tell stories and speak about what lies beneath the surface. In my artistic projects I enjoy exploring different subjects and merging visual imagery with symbolism and spirituality. I also enjoy  working on commercial photography with is expressed through Chlikk Photography.

My photography can be seen in a website, which I designed and developed, www.aldopics.com.

Towards the end of 2014 I had a very bad traffic accident and my photographic capabilities and memory were thought to be gone, as was said by my brain doctors. Yes, I had terrible accident but I am having such a quick recovery that sometimes it can’t be believe in, and I am taking photos again, occasionally for/with people 🙂 All the photos shown in the right-hand sidebar are the new photos I have taken after my accident. Although the above paragraph was written before my accident, I am still taking photos that express sybolism and spirituality were possible.

www.aldoPics.com, my photography website, it also shows some photos I took from before my accident.

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Aldo Cauchi Savona is a Malta-based professional freelance photographer enjoying a professional freelance photography career full time in various areas. Aldo has been taking freelance photography for over seven years with experience in freelance journalism, portrait and event photography. For the moment, due to my accident I cannot drive so all photoshoots I do will need transport, but still do freelance photography.

Aldo also offers freelance photography services such as Commercial Photography, Shows Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, Newborn and Child Photography.

My personal photography blog on Flickr or can be seen to the right. Photos on the right have all been taken after my accident, but previous photos can be seen in the blog or on my Projects link. For commercial, portraiture and wedding portfolio work, please visit Chlikk Photography.