I am a freelance photographer since 2007.  I became involved with the visual arts after following a graphic design course in 2003 and in 2005 began to explore the field of photography. My passion lies in the capture and the creation of images that tell stories and speak about what lies beneath the surface. In my artistic projects I enjoy exploring different subjects and merging visual imagery with symbolism and spirituality. Very often these projects combine my experience in design, photography and life. I am also active in the commercial, photo shoots and wedding side of photography which is expressed with other photographers through Chlikk Photography.

I personally specialise in potrait photography and in taking Headshots so people can use them as profile pics for Facebook or LinkedIn or for any place where they would like their profile pic to be. I first get to know the person and see for what reason they need a profile photo so their wish comes out in the photos. I see photography as an artisic medium and each photo tells a story about the person/people in the photos, and I do my best so the story won’t say “there was a guy with a camera in front of them who told them to smile”.

My portrait, headshot and other photos I take can be seen on my personal photography website aldopics.

Towards the end of 2014 I had a bad accident, where most of my memory of the last three years is a bit dim sometimes. Yes I had terrible accident, but I am having such a quick recovery that sometimes I can’t believe in it, and I am taking photos again, and for people 🙂 All the photos shown in the right-hand sidebar are the new photos I have taken after my accident and I still want to take an artistic direction, when/if the client would like it.


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