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Freelance Photography and Web Development

Aldo Cauchi Savona is a freelance photographer, a programmer and website designer and developer. In photography, my passion lies in the capture and the creation of images that tell stories and speak about what lies beneath the surface. In my artistic photography projects I enjoy exploring different subjects and merging visual imagery with symbolism and spirituality. I also enjoy  working on commercial photography with is expressed through Chlikk Photography. More about my freelance web deisn and development work can be found here.

My photography can be seen in a website, which I designed and developed, www.aldopics.com. I specialise in work/business & social media headshots, pet photography and portraits.

Towards the end of 2014 I had a very bad traffic accident and my photographic capabilities and memory were thought to be gone, as was said by my brain doctors. Yes, I had terrible accident but I am having such a quick recovery that thank God, I am programming and taking photos again:) I have also re-started my professional photography through AldoPics. All the photos shown in the right-hand sidebar are the new photos I have taken after my accident.

My Journal of my recovery experience, also with some ideas of the probable reasons for my speedy recovery, will soon be published as a book that will also have the Inwardly Silent project photos and poems by .

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My personal photography blog on Flickr or can be seen to the right. Photos on the right have all been taken after my accident, but previous photos can be seen in my Flickr blog.